Our Services Include:

Laser Cutting – Our Fiber Laser equipment is capable of handling steels up to 12 mm Mild Steels, 4 mm Stainless Steels which gives us the ability to serve a range of clients of varying needs from one off parts to full production runs.

5 Axis Water Jet – Allows us to cut materials to 200 mm and varying angles up to 60 degrees, also with our bed size of 4100 mm x 2100 mm makes us able to take most standard size sheets of any material.

One Stop Shop – We at SMETEC also have the ability to supply ready to assemble materials for your project. From initial design phase all the way to cut and folded ready to assemble parts. This allows us to be a one stop shop reducing handling errors and also design errors which can happen when multiple industries are being used to process your parts

Let us manage and deliver your material cutting needs for you to complete your businesses engineering projects, handle your plant production needs, or to provide specific parts in bulk for manufacturing.

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Water Jet Cutting

Our water Jet Cutter is a precision machine capable of cutting a variety of materials including steel, titanium, glass, stone, copper, brass, nickel and much more. This environmentally friendly process reduces power and water costs by up to 60% and doesn’t come with the risks associated with other cutting methods. Delivery is available Australia wide.

Fiber Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting produces highly accurate shapes and has a variety of applications in engineering &manufacturing . It is also used for other projects including signs, wall art and garden art. Talk to SMETEC Cutting services today to see how we can help you with your metal cutting or steel cutting needs. We’re based on the NSW South Coast and service all of Australia.

Custom Parts

Let us manage and deliver the custom cut parts you need to complete engineering projects, handle your plant production needs, or to provide specific parts in bulk for manufacturing.

Looking for high-quality custom Laser Cutting?

SMETEC Cutting Services can cut all types of materials with our hi-tech machines. Reliable Laser Cutting and Water Jet Cutting Services across Australia.

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