About Smetec Cutting Services

SMETEC is proud to be an Australian owned and operated business. Though our experience in materials cutting extends 15 years, we officially opened in 2011, in partnership with H&S Metalcraft (an established metal arts business founded in 1989). Since our inception, SMETEC has served clients Australia-wide as well as internationally. Our many satisfied clients have helped us to solidify our reputation
for exceptional work in quality materials cutting.

With our base in the Shoalhaven, we’re able to provide top quality custom, prototype and production run Laser & Waterjet Cut materials Australia Wide. We provide all forms and types of material cutting for local engineering companies, production plants, manufacturers, and more. Our team can help your business reduce your downtime and increase productivity by rapidly generating the specific cut parts you require.

If you’re in manufacturing, we can also mass produce a specific part needed in your industry. This speedy work and attention to quality is exactly what your business deserves; and we can provide.

Have a specific part or material that needs to be cut in mind? We’re ready and available to discuss the details and to provide you with with a free quote.

Why Choose Us

  • SMETEC Cutting Services is an Australian-Made business
  • 15+ years of experience in Materials cutting and design
  • Reliability, accuracy, and excellence – Our Promise
  • A commitment to great customer service
  • Sourcing of the highest grade materials
  • Working with the finest CNC Water Jet Cutting equipment